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A little about us...

Our aim is to provide a cost effective alternative to high solicitors' fees.

We primarily operate a Family Law Consultancy and Spanish translation/interpretation. Our other legal specialities include Insurance, Reinsurance, Property and Business Law.

Our aim is mitigation and arbitration, not litigation. Nonetheless, in the event that matters proceed to court, we have direct links to chambers in London, for advice and legal representation.

The initial enquiry is of course free of charge.

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With over thirteen years' experience as an International Reinsurance Broker, Philip Jones understands both sides of the coin, being qualified in both Law and Insurance/Reinsurance. These skills are in fact unique.
We provide a unique cost effective solution to any problem that may arise in this field in both English and Spanish. Philip Jones has spent many years working with Spain and South America, and has travelled extensively throughout these regions.

Family Law

Where lawyers often take advantage of this overly complicated system, our aim is to find the quickest and best solution for all parties, in order to keep costs to a minimum.
If possible, we encourage couples to use us as mediators for both parties, removing the adversarial aspect taken by most lawyers and the doubled cost of what could have been a mediated settlement. This will remove the need for protracted court costs that can become incredibly harmful to those involved. Our methodology will help smooth things over as much as possible for all parties concerned.

Spanish Law

We provide a cost effective translation and interpretation of Spanish legal documents. Philip Jones studied and worked in Spanish law for over five years.
We are a cost effective solution to Spanish legal problems, having contacts in Law in Spain and England.

Company Law

We have the technical expertise to provide solutions in difficulties that may arise in dispute resolution in matters of civil law in negligence in tort or otherwise.
Philip Jones has over ten years, successful experience in civil litigation.

Property Law

We provide advice on Property Law, having long founded contacts in both England and Spain.
We also have direct access to chambers in London, should the need arise.

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